Take the easiest path towards transformation.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in negative patterns? Do you long for a breakthrough that will release you from the chains of past traumas and limiting beliefs? Look no further!

Judah TREATS is here to revolutionize your journey towards healing and personal growth.



1. Relax & Receive

Judah TREATS is an audio-based program that does all the work.


2. Treat & Transform

Monthly audios will tag and treat the root of patterns causing pain in your life.


3. Release & Shift

We'll help find the critical release point that can give you the most relief, right away.


Introducing The Revolutionary Judah TREATS™ Program...

Unlock Your True Potential and Transform Your Life!

Imagine a time dedicated solely to your well-being, where you can relax, rest, and receive the transformative power of our guided sessions.

This is not just another meditation program; it is a profound experience that takes you back to the very origin of your pain, hurt, and suffering. Whether it stems from this lifetime, past traumas, or even past lives, we will delve deep into your subconscious and treat the root cause of your discomfort.

Our expertly crafted recordings are designed to uproot negative patterns, release negative energies, and detach any entities that may be holding you back.

With each session, we will guide your higher mind, subconscious mind, and conscious mind simultaneously, ensuring a comprehensive healing process across all realms of time and space.

The best part? You don't have to do any of the work.

Simply relax, rest, and receive the profound benefits of our audio sessions. This is your time to unwind and let us take care of the rest.

We have carefully instructed your higher self, subconscious, and conscious mind to target the origin of your issues and provide the necessary treatment for lasting transformation.

Perhaps you've tried countless self-help books, therapy sessions, and personal development techniques, only to find yourself still trapped in the same old patterns...

...The reason is simple – you haven't yet discovered the point of origin buried deep within your subconscious or soul's story.

But fear not, because Judah TREATS™ is here to uncover that missing piece and bring you the breakthrough you've been searching for.

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From Anjie:

"This will be radically different from a simple meditation. By the end of 30 days, you'll see a real shift in the targeted area of your life."


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Testimonials From Our Subscribers


"These healings are amazing. I've only done a few and have even fallen asleep during a couple but I'm seeing huge changes in myself. I'm making changes and taking steps in my life that I'd been struggling to do for a long time. I'm so grateful to Anjie and Judah, thank you thank you!"

- Andrea


"At the end of the meditation I saw a huge bright light that felt like it was my soul or divine spark... I felt this light was so nourishing that it could take away all the tiredness of my life, and the potential to overcome all darkness and GIVE LIFE where there was none."

- Angelina


"That second video, the 30 min one I have to say was PHENOMENAL on such a grand scale to me!! Sooo wholeheartedly excited for this journey we're all going on. WHAT A SPECTACULAR space this has blossomed into!!"

- Gretchen

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