Booking a private session with Judah is a powerful way to quickly identify and remove roadblocks in your personal spiritual journey.


Congratulations on taking the bold move of booking a session with Anjie and Judah! We applaud and support all the powerful intentions of your soul represented by this decision. By doing so, you are opening a doorway to more of the infinitely loving and wise assistance of angels in your life. What could be more exciting than that?


"I had a HUGE breakthrough with you and our angels today where I finally understood my wanting to control my mom’s or anyone’s feelings is doing a disservice to them and myself. 

I always thought it was my job to keep other people from being sad or angry. I now understand that I am helping them most by allowing them to feel whatever they are feeling. And I can already feel my trauma energies moving through me to be released and transmuted, and I am LOVING them with all my heart as they move through me at their own pace. 

I feel such a sense of freedom and relief as I integrate this new understanding. 

Endless gratitude to you and Judah!" -- Anne-Marie



"Should you consult with Anjie and Judah? Well, I can only tell you my story...

I had a keystone moment in life and time was of the essence and running short. This event had the potential to be life-altering in a way I could not have foreseen. I was overwhelmed. Anjie, in her most gracious kindness, made time for me. She and Judah helped shed invaluable light on the situation and helped me understand how best to approach it as well as things to consider.

I will forever be grateful to her and to Judah." -- Happy


"Meeting with Anjie and merging with Judah and all the infinite intelligent beings that were taking place through the session was such a blessing. Anjie is one of the most beautiful, warm, loving, talented vessels of truth, light, and love I have come across in my journey.

Even before the session started, I could sense the frequencies raising up around me and my heart chakra started fast activation that just kept rising through the session and is still going 3 days after…

I highly recommend this magical experience and definitely to the ones in their spiritual journey. Thank you again Anjie and Judah for that beautiful experience. Much love." -- Vered

DISCLAIMERS: We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of our platform is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information given for yourself, which is your constitutional right, we assume no responsibility for your actions.

Your time with Judah is intended for personal growth, removing personal obstacles, awakening and enlightenment. To that end, we welcome all manner of topics that are important to you. Please note that this session is not an appropriate choice for fortune-telling, entertainment, or a resource for winning lottery numbers, or to confirm or dispute readings from other intuitives.

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On mastering creative inspiration, utilizing the hivemind, and revealing her POWERFUL angel.

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"I truly felt so seen by Anjie and Judah in my session! I was encouraged to embrace "new" parts of myself and was reminded to be more gentle with myself in the process. With the session I feel a greater acceptance of myself and for what is and I feel more able to live more from the heart space." -- Linea


"It was a life-affirming experience where I felt my whole soul was expanding to a new dimension. Judah’s insights were truly amazing and transformative. I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance." -- Tim

"I really appreciate the generous and non-push environment. This Angelic Collective only speaks with encouragement and love, never obligating us. They always have a way of making me feel special, reminding me of Who We Are in relation with Source." -- Glenn

"The session was amazing, and I feel clarity, love, and gratitude. I'm excited for the next steps on this journey. I got your book, and I am also planning on taking the course." -- Aline

"Thanks, thanks and million thanks for your messages and help to get my journey upgraded." -- Roberto

"Talking to Anjie alone gave me happiness. Very easy to connect to her, it was like I've known her since forever, like we have been friends for a long time.
" -- Romy

"I'm still processing our meeting, the experience was amazing. So much love I felt. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity." -- Olga

"I deeply enjoyed my channeled session with Judah. It was very calming, deeply resonating, and confirmed that my major life change is the right move at the right time. I felt seen and loved." -- Jan


"I had a great time, thank you. The information has really helped to remove my fear and that is the most loving thing I can do for my family and myself." -- Bruce

"Our time together was filled with wisdom, insightful guidance, and encouragement. It was transformational. I can hardly wait for my next session." -- Mary

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It is our intention that everything that is said and done during this time will further assist you in your unique journey. Before the session begins, jot down any specific topics or questions on your mind. We also encourage you to meditate for a few minutes. Breathe deeply and exhale fully. Relax into the moment.

We will be recording the session for you, so you won’t need to take notes. Your session will remain 100% confidential.

Judah typically speaks for a time, and then you may ask questions important to you. If something doesn’t resonate with you, be at ease and let it go on by. If it is important for your journey, it will come back around at exactly the right time for you. Trust your Higher Self. Take what you like and leave the rest.

After your session, we encourage you to rest if possible. Relax and allow everything that has been said and done to settle into your heart. Drink lots of water and avoid mind-altering substances for 48 hours. If you have follow-up questions, please reach out to us.



It honestly was exactly what I needed to hear at this time. I also have been sitting in meditation daily holding that space of peace for you like we talked about in our session... Even you pointing out what joy is actually like at this stage was immensely helpful as I am now experiencing the truth of this versus what I was previously expecting it to be.


Your advice is simply invaluable as I embark on this journey towards higher consciousness. As a mom, Anjie, you understand intimately the earthly sacrifices as shifts in family relationships will occur as I become more of a Being and less of a Doer. I thank you for keeping it real. Your honesty and sound advice is very much appreciated. 


Thank you for holding love and space for our session yesterday and all the stuffed pain that needed to come to light for me to release. I am grateful and thankful - woke up to meditation and automatic writing and connecting with my guides - trusting my connections at this time. I feel lighter and feel the upgrades happening today from yesterday's session.


Thank you so much for your connection with me last week. I was inspired by your powerful message and guidance. During the session, I felt I soaked in the bright light from above. Not shallow, but deep messages touched my heart. And after the session, I was revived and full of gratitude. Your advise for me 'to live light as a feather' was so inspirational; that evening, I spotted a 'FEATHER" on the ground out of the blue. It is usually rare to see birds or feathers on that street. It was miraculous! I took it home and kept it as a sign of manifestation. 


I feel deep in my heart and Soul that I have reached yet another level of my evolution, and I have made a decision to not do pot anymore. It is odd to think I have decided to quit, considering you weren’t judgmental and somewhat supportive of me doing whatever makes me happy, guilt free, but I know it is the right decision... I look forward to your course and the rapid ascension of my soul and I’m grateful for you and the sacrifices you have made to make it my reality with your teachings.


I was excited and looking forward to speaking with Anjie and those with the Judah Channel and they did not disappoint! They answered all of my questions clearly. I felt/feel so supported and I am actively pursuing my passion. They answered my lingering questions like where do I come from, what’s my vibration and have I cleared away all that I need to. They showed me why I went through my life challenges and I have a clear understanding of how I can use past experiences to help others come out the other side. We are all looking to transform old beliefs that no longer serve us and expand in our knowing of who we are or you wouldn’t be here. I encourage you to take the leap and book a call.


I had requested the session because I wanted to clear some doubts in me about how it feels like if you experience the presence of high dimensional Beings and some help with my guide's name... Amazing, amazing, amazing! I feel much better following the session. The clarity and the energy have risen for sure. I feel a burst in my willpower, which was a big issue for me for years. I have never felt more determined and devoted to Oneness! Highly recommend this opportunity to feel The Real Power inside yourself, especially if you are not a believer.


How do you describe the most life-changing moment of your life? I was so excited to hear Anjie share her story and channel Judah on a podcast I listen to; I immediately went to her YouTube and website to start listening, and I’ve been listening hours a day ever since! I am almost finished with the True You Accelerator course and I can highly recommend it if you want to raise your frequency and get free! I also met with Anjie in person for a one-on-one session and I am still floating a week later. Judah’s energy is powerful and so healing! Pure love and bliss. I am so grateful to have found Anjie, Judah and Chuck. My search for a teacher is over. 


I was just looking at the consciousness scale before we spoke. When I first looked at it during the True You Accelerator course about 5 months ago, I guessed I was somewhere between anger and pride. I think now I am somewhere between neutrality and willingness! It certainly feels a lot nicer. I feel and see the world very differently now.


I am happy to report that there was an immediate change for the better. My lawyer rose up and took immediate action just as we prayed for on 16 Sept. She told me so on Monday 18th. I thank God to bless you and the Judah Channel and look forward to a successful result in all matters including my health and banishment of all negatives in Jesus' name.


Words can’t explain the impact our session had on me, Anjie! Thank you so much for your time, energy and love— I feel so supported and known by Judah through you. I now see my journey with so much love and deeper understanding of the paths I’ve trod.

I’ve always seen my struggles as a gift, and knowing that the process of moving through them with a loving heart is my actual life plan fills me with indescribable gratitude. I’ve been given the emotional and spiritual support I’ve needed with each step, and I see that with so much clarity and insight now.

And, hearing that my journey has had a supportive, liberating affect on so many others is beyond my greatest wish and hope. I am still in awe.

I am also filled with so much peace and reassurance, knowing that my innate Capricornian need to climb and achieve and strive (your daughter will know) can rest and my spirit can securely lay back in the arms of Judah and follow the love where it leads.

I can’t stop thanking Judah, and there are not enough words to thank you for being such an open, kind and beautiful vessel.

And I want to thank Chuck and the rest of your team because I know that being and channeling such a Light as Judah requires the full support and love of so many around you. You are all a blessing.

Thank you from the bottom, top, sides, and center of my 5D heart! 500, here we come! So much love and gratitude.