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Introducing The True You Accelerator™

The 10-Module "Fast Track" To Fifth-Dimensional Awakening

Fully integrated, fifth-dimensional humans exist in their 3D reality with SUPERNATURAL capacities.

You'll know this is for you if...


You'd like to systematically address blocks in your manifestation process. 



You're ready to stop overworking your mind and body on 3D strategies that simply don't work.



You want to effectively unlock your potential for healing thoughts and emotions in the 4D realm, in THIS lifetime.



You know there must be more to the True You, and you're ready to discover the spiritual powers available to you in the 5th dimension.



You're ready to begin channeling and would benefit from guided prompts & practice.



You're excited to discover a juicy new way of working, with Judah -- a way of "doing less" and receiving more.



You really resonate with enrolling yourself into the "fast track" and already know this unforgettable experience has been created for and by you!

"This morning I had my annual review, so last night when I went to bed and first thing this morning, I imagined the entire review -- from what would be discussed, how I would feel and how much of a pay increase I would get. Everything that I imagined manifested. So excited!"

Course Participant

"I was going back and forth with myself over whether I should buy this or not. I used to channel years ago, but I really didn't know what I was doing at the time... I had no direction. A few days ago, I put the question out there, to my internal guides and teachers, before going to bed and was pleasantly surprised to get a visit from you (Anjie/Judah) in a dream, and you gave me reassurance like a mother talking to a child, so I had no reservations after that. I am all in! "

Course Participant

A message for you from our higher-dimensional friends at the Galactic Federation...

"Dear ones,

There is much work to be done, and so for now -- our meeting hall is emptied. 

Right now, one of the primary ways that we are working with this vessel is in rapid acceleration and mental processing of downloads of information we are giving her in the coursework which she will disseminate (titled True You Accelerator™).

It is set forth with a purpose to bring many into accelerated expansion and enlightenment.

As we have shared with her through telepathy and thought processes, it is for her to shed illumination, to awaken and illuminate many, many, many, many Buddhas -- bodhisattvas, as it was said in the sutra that the Buddha illuminated countless enlightened beings in many spheres.

(And that reference was to the impact of the Buddha not only to humanity and earthlings and earth followers, but also to many, many interstellar races.)

His greatest work is still ahead of him and ahead of the stories that are told about him and the followers that he has on the earth. There are some true followers and enlightened ones. But for the most part, this work is a remnant, a small remnant of what he ultimately accomplishes in the cosmos as an ascended master.

And this one, Anjie, who has been willing to be a channel -- we have asked of her and are pouring our resources and efforts into her illumination and emanation of light, as a white pillar of white light, as Michael has said -- in order to raise up many, many enlightened Buddhas.

And this coursework is the primary place in which she is pursuing that task in this moment. 

These Buddhas, bodhisattvas, these potential Buddhas will be knocking on her door in various ways... not her physical door, but they will be coming into her presence and influence primarily through technology.

Because it is a course in accelerating enlightenment. And you see, there are many who are looking for help. 

They are looking for assistance, they are avidly searching, and they have enough power of attraction to bring them into this sphere to encounter this vessel and this course. It will maximize her ability to disseminate information one-on-one. 

One-on-one is not fast enough anymore. You see, it's not fast enough. There's a lot of work to be done. 

And so we are making use of technology in order to accelerate processes and bring wisdom, the wisdom needed for enlightenment into the hands and hearts and homes of those seeking it. 

Those who attend will experience floods of energy flowing through their heart gate, out of the heart and invading their atmosphere. And they will be those who melt the heart through true compassion and understanding. And they will experience this energetic phenomenon in their heart as they listen -- even now as they listen to this transmission. 

And by this, they will know that they are chosen as one of the bodhisattvas of this one. They will know it by the burning they feel in their heart, even now as they listen.

By attend, we mean they are listening with their hearts wide open and experiencing the visceral energetic transmission coming through this one. So there is no physical location they need to attend, but they are attending by giving their body, soul, and spirit attention to the message and the energy transmitted within it."

▸▸ Preview The Course Introduction

Anjie & Judah are ready to welcome you inside the program! ⤵


"The True You Accelerator™ isn’t an action plan of doing, but a method of remembering... Remembering what your soul knows, and bringing that to the forefront of your life – remembering what your soul has forgotten that is slowing you down in realizing your enlightenment, and remembering so that the True You can drop into place, and can be fully accelerated into its enlightened state."

Anjie Hipple, Thought Leader & Channeler
Author of The Answer To All Your Questions

A 10-Module Program With A Lifetime Of Practical Applications

The True You Accelerator™ is structured to be as applicable for you today as it will be 100 years from now.

The Sunflower Strategy ▸ WEEK ONE




✔ Eliminates many of the negative traps that are sapping your mental, emotional and physical energy

✔ Safeguards your heart from the seemingly unbearable stress and trauma of having more emotional and mental rubbish “piled on” to what you are already dealing with

✔ Loosens the grip of mental and emotional attachments that are sidelining your happiness

✔ Rewires the parts of your brain and cellular memory that are deeply, subconsciously expecting pain, drama, and victimization

✔ Creates an energetic atmosphere that will attract even more moments of levity and joy and the assistance of angels

✔ Quickly brings some positive momentum into your overall picture

Childlikeness ▸ WEEK TWO




✔ Removes some of the more serious and overly-burdened aspects of your egoic nature in order to free your innate childlikeness

✔ Opens doors to new and miraculous angel encounters that have the potential to bring enormous freedom to your soul

✔ Recovers parts of your soul that have been waylaid by the stresses of everyday life and other painful traumas

✔ Creates a sense of safety as your Higher Self steps up as a Loving Parent to all of who you are, especially your delicate and vulnerable childlike parts

✔ Helps your soul relax into this space of trust, where you will naturally open to the unseen realms of angels with purity and innocence

✔ Allows a flow state to ease into areas of your life that are aligned with your soul

The Angel App ▸ WEEK THREE




✔ Engages angels for empowering the True You and accelerating the expansion of your 3D, 4D and 5D life

✔ Helps you communicate with angels in a very natural way, just as you would in a relationship with a close friend or partner

✔ Allows your angels’ tangible influences in your day-to-day life, along with the positive momentum that their involvement brings

✔ Upgrades your vibrational and physical energy, with a lift in your overall mental and emotional state

✔ Inspires downloads of cosmic information through blocks of creative thought, writing, art, music, and many other potential modalities

✔ Matches you up with the supernatural influence of angels in various serendipitous, “fortunate” events

Empowering Your Night Life ▸ WEEK FOUR

"This module Empowering Your Night Life was my favorite so far. One of the things I did to enhance my sleep space was to get a grounding pad for my bed. The first night I slept on it I remember a long, convoluted dream where someone was explaining why I came into this life. Many nights before I go to sleep I ask Judah to open a heavenly portal in my crown chakra while I sleep. I only ask for general healing. I just feel better when I wake up." -- Cathy




✔ Puts angels to work at night in your dream state to vastly accelerate your growth and freedom

✔ Restores and cleans up your fourth-dimensional life while you rest

✔ Maximizes your sleep cycles, going beyond physical rest and mental processing into higher dimensional work

✔ Solves current problems during sleep, while elevating your level of consciousness and increasing your overall vibration and light emanation

✔ Allows nighttime traveling in higher dimensions

✔ Opens paths to directly receiving wisdom and instruction from your Higher Self and Higher dimensional beings

Elevating Your Perspective ▸ WEEK FIVE




✔ Builds on the achievements of previous modules to continuously increase your 5D perspective, like compounding interest

✔ Speeds up your 3D and 4D manifestations

✔ Facilitates the release of deeply held, subconscious belief systems - the perspectives that are choking your spiritual growth and obscuring your 5D expansion

✔ Relieves tormenting, anxious thoughts, and general mental noise in your everyday life, and quiets obsessive thoughts

✔ Assists you in embracing what we call “divine indifference,” which will result in fewer troubling emotions and increased ability to be of service to others

✔ Shifts you from a limited, personal point of view to an inclusive, god-like awareness -- in which you perceive the past, present, future, and all potentials like 360 degrees of surround sound

Emotional Freedom ▸ WEEK SIX




✔ Clears and releases the old, muddy, emotional energies hiding underneath the mind’s defenses in its waking state

✔ Readies you for angels and cosmic guides to expertly clear out mental rubbish and the painful emotional energies that accompany them

✔ Releases the drama of both small and large life-altering traumas -- without examining the emotional muck or even needing to understand its nature or origins

✔ Allows you to experience what life is like in the absence of the ego’s mud and rubbish

✔ Helps you feel emotions appropriate to the moment, rather than overreactions based on old, historical pain

✔ Creates space for more of the lighter emotions you want: love, joy, peace, and bliss

Raising Your Frequency ▸ WEEK SEVEN




✔ Accelerates the rate of your vibrational frequency so that every part of your 3D, 4D, and 5D being becomes lighter and more powerful, loving, peaceful, knowing, and clear

✔ Expands your level of consciousness, bringing you closer and closer to consistently experiencing the god-like qualities of your Soul

✔ Influences a practical understanding of 3D and 4D vibrational frequencies and how they are affecting your life

✔ Onboards everyday skills to accurately measure your own personal frequency and those of other people, places, and things influencing your vibrational state

✔ Creates thought-emotion loops that will be more relaxed and positive, while problematic cycles will be less dramatic and less frequent.

✔ Allows you to experience the feeling of being high or “stoned” in the presence of angels and high-vibe frequencies, all without mind-altering substances

The Satsang Strategy ▸ WEEK EIGHT




✔ Replaces a sense of separation or feeling that you are alone and lonely - a spiritual orphan - with a sense of belonging, connection, and intention

✔ Brings you into the joyful experience of your chosen family full of angels, cosmic guides, ascended masters, earth angels, gurus, and other kindred human souls

✔ Lifts you up to a new place of equanimity - equal footing - with these powerful beings

Guides you into a safe, supportive atmosphere for your fearful, egoic parts to arise and be released, where in turn, you will become a safe place for others in your new satsang family

✔ Answers big questions about your purpose, dharma, and the nature of life in profoundly personal ways.

✔ Integrates the spiritual tasks of 1) surrendering to the love and truth of your own hand-picked, beloved guru, 2) becoming your own guru, and 3) being a beloved guru to another

Imagination Meditation ▸ WEEK NINE




✔ Converts mental tendencies toward worry and fear-forecasting into a magical, supernatural ability to manifest higher 3D outcomes for yourself and others

✔ Immerses you in intentional imagination, so that you will begin to pull the Unseen into your third-dimensional life and create your version of heaven on earth

✔ Allows any external power you have acquired in your 3D or 4D life such as intelligence, skill, wealth, influence, fame, or talent to fully serve the expansion of your soul and others

✔ Enables you to rewrite the story of your past and also create your present moment and future timelines, by consciously dropping into a dreamy alpha state during your waking hours

✔ Produces a daydreaming state of meditation that leverages the power of angels to accomplish far more than you could without the 5D True You

✔ Plugs you completely into your rightful connection to Source Energy and the superpowers of the True You

Full Of White Light ▸ WEEK TEN




✔ Illuminates the vision for your personal potential for enlightenment in this life, and the tangible experience of it

✔ Rewards you with the bliss and higher vibrational states found in the highest levels of consciousness more frequently, consistently, and sustainably

✔ Removes anxiety and fear around physical pain and death

✔ Invites in your spiritual coming of age, receiving your inheritance as the rightful heir to the Kingdom of Heaven - with all of its light, love, and authority

✔ Dissolves any final attachments in your material, thought, or emotional life, so that light will fill you completely

✔ Reveals the full image of the True You: a Heaven Bringer, consistently and powerfully manifesting heaven on the earth

Every module is lovingly packed with the following:

Teaching Videos

An in-depth teaching with Anjie Hipple on topics selected especially for you, a bodhisattva on your journey toward the True You.

Channeling Videos

Channeled guidance from Judah and other guest appearances channeled by Anjie (such as Helen Keller, Mark Twain, and Ram Dass!)

Transcripts + Audio

For your convenience, every video also includes a transcript and audio-only version for download.

Acceleration Opportunities

We don't call it homework! Each module offers 5 full "menus" of prompts and activations for you to consider anytime you return to the teachings.

Rest & Relaxation

The True You Accelerator™ unlocks one module for you at a time. This ensures you are getting plenty of rest and receiving your acceleration in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

Bonus Channels & Downloads

We've selected short, additional audios and links to enhance your experience in the course!

+ PLUS: Unique Invitations To Special Offers

Participants in the True You Accelerator™ will also be the first to receive information about future opportunities to interact with The Judah Channel or receive discounted offers.

"I have to say I have loved getting in touch with my inner child and having fun, humor, and play be put in the spotlight. My automatic writing is quite a thing to behold! I seem to keep coming up with really good thoughts and answers - so I have to believe it's not just 'me making it up.' I really think I'm getting some good stuff coming through!"

Course Participant

"I always desire to finish a current module very well by doing all the activities in them. In response when I do, the activities always reflect my current reality. Truly, this course is a good design from the angels. The upliftment and relaxation that follows can be compared to nothing I have seen so far. I am so glad we are in this life together."

Course Participant

Here's What You'll Get ⤵

This fully immersive experience is provided through:

✅  10+ hours of video and audio, playable on any device!

✅  300+ pages of downloadable materials (printable at your convenience)

✅  250+ potential activations and prompts in over 50 areas of focus

✅  50+ exercises for utilizing your natural ability to channel, if desired

✅  3D, 4D, & 5D integrations applicable to every area of your life

✅  24/7 access to the material, from anywhere you can connect online

"I am beyond grateful to have found Anjie and Judah. It’s hard to put into words how positively and profoundly they have impacted my life. They have helped me realize who the true me is, and supported me with deep wisdom and unconditional love as I work through my challenges to become the happiest and healthiest version of myself. In my work with them I’ve already grown exponentially spiritually and emotionally. It is no exaggeration to say that working with Judah and Anjie has been life-changing, and I look forward to continuing my journey of growth with them. They have my eternal love and gratitude. "

Course Participant

Join us inside the True You Accelerator™

You're getting Anjie and Judah's signature 10-step method for awakening to your unlimited potential. Start now to begin experiencing the True You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - for an entire year! Here's how it works:

  • Please enroll mindfully! We will directly engage and work to improve your experience for up to a year before considering a refund.
  • If you do not plan to log in and use the program or materials, please do not enroll, as we cannot support you in a meaningful way.
  • We stand behind this program 100% and are committed to continuous improvement. We expect you to utilize opportunities within the modules to get clarification or assistance with the material.
  • While we do not guarantee any particular result from undertaking this type of experiential journey, we ask you to give it an entire year to fully engage with it and receive the benefit of all that it offers.
  • Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns as you go through the material. We sincerely would like to offer our help in any way we can!
  • If 365 days have passed and you feel we did not deliver the value of your purchase, we will gladly refund your investment.

Yes, this is a great opportunity to awaken your natural ability to channel! There are prompts within each module's acceleration menus that will suit you, if you are inclined toward them in your journey. 

You'll have immediate access to channeling exercises from day one. While you may not receive results immediately, continue practicing each week in your journey. Students have reported getting results for the first time within their first month of the course. (These results are not guaranteed. Channeling is NOT a requirement of the program.)

Unlike other self-help courses or seminars you may have tried in the past, the True You Accelerator™ is not about spending time and energy "working" on yourself, your past, or manifesting your desires.

Our intention is that you begin to experience the feeling of "immediate release" of old energies provided by your external helpers -- your angelic friends and allies from beyond. This is unlike any other "to-do" list that you've undertaken in the past, because you cannot fail.

Though Anjie has been provided with potential journal prompts, reflective exercises, and new mantras that may be helpful in your journey, none of these are required for you to experience the full benefit of this accelerator. The magic comes from your intention and willingness to show up.

If you have been moved at all by your experience with Judah so far, you will already know that things are "in process" for you. Staying open to new states of consciousness is all that is required!

In continuing with this program, your personal angels and spirit guides get involved in the sessions. Because of that, it's exactly tailored to your specific needs and desires, and infused with a visceral, tangible energy that can be felt in the body and in the elevated state of your emotions.

There are 10 modules of the program, released for the first time from January 1st through May 7th, 2023. Our first group of participants will have each module released every 2 weeks.

For your benefit, the modules are released one at a time based on your start date. (You will be notified regarding your personal schedule immediately upon enrollment.)

No matter when you decide to join, your enrollment is a decision that gives you continued, lifetime access to the program. There are no recurring membership fees, and you can revisit the material as many times as you wish!

The experience is designed to be completely flexible with your schedule! Each module contains roughly an hour of video material (or you may choose to download the audio and listen on the go.)

There are optional "menus" of acceleration opportunities for every module, which you may pick and choose to your liking and time available. Bonus channeling clips are included as well!

If you're someone who prefers to read rather than listen, transcripts are available for every portion of the program.

Lastly, if you are especially pressed for time, you'll appreciate that the majority of the "work" is happening without your conscious effort, while you sleep soundly or are engaged in other pleasurable activities.

Some portions of the first few modules were previewed on the webinar, The Three Dimensions Of The True You. If you enjoyed that presentation, the True You Accelerator™ dives deeper and provides more channeling, activations, and reflective opportunities to fully integrate the 3D, 4D, and 5D aspects of the True You as taught by Anjie Hipple.

The primary module content is video! We include transcripts of every video in our downloadable materials for your convenience. You may consume the content either way you wish.

The activities in each module are presented in a short-form text format. You can simply access them inside the course day by day, or download them if you'd like to print out a PDF. Any long portions of included text are always accompanied by an audio version.

Additional bonus channelings are always given as an audio download with a transcript.

"Love all of the exercises and the structure of the course. It is unique, in a good way, how you have the 3D, 4D, and 5D lessons and it's so diverse... My anxiety is nearly gone now too. Creeps up here and there, but that had been a lifelong challenge that has started fading away. Woo hoo!"

Course Participant

"Learning how to use the resources available to us is what Anjie really does a beautiful job with. We know angels exist, but do we understand on what levels they both want and are able to help us?"

Course Participant

Every aspect of the True You Accelerator™ has been designed with purpose and intention.

Video Teachings

Exclusive Channeling

Multiple Learning Modes

Acceleration Menus

Built-In Rest

Special Bonuses

🌤 Start The True You Accelerator™ Now

No matter which pricing option you choose, you can start right away!







"I thank you very much for allowing me to embark on this journey. Your teachings and guidance are generous and have been a source of healing and loving energy. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel to The Judah Nation for allowing me to have access to such knowledge and to benefit from transmissions -- without which it would have taken me years to clear up certain issues hindering my energy field."

Course Participant

"I am loving the course so much. My life has changed already, in just a week. (Loved the list of things to say to divert a negative conversation!!)"

Course Participant

DISCLAIMERS: Anjie Hipple is not a licensed mental health professional or trained in medicine. We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of our platform is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information given for yourself, which is your constitutional right, we assume no responsibility for your actions.

GUARANTEE: We want you to be thrilled with the value and quality of your purchase. Let us know if there is a problem so we can make it right! Please review our 365-day guarantee for this program here.

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