Who and what is Judah?


Judah is a fifth dimensional collective of angelic beings that communicate through Anjie, in humble and passionate service to humanity.

Judah communicates through Anjie via automatic writing and trance-like states sometimes called channeling.

Anjie: "Judah is a collective of around 350,000 angels who move together and work together as one unified being, much like a swarm of birds you might see in the sky.

They reside primarily in the fifth dimension, but they are able to travel inter-dimensionally between the heavens and the earth and establish relationships with people like myself and you, and also with cosmic beings from many, many, many different places, all the way up through to the 12th dimension.

Judah is inviting the most exquisite, unbelievable friends to this party and making these glorious introductions! And we are continually meeting beautiful beings that are changing our lives.

We believe that they have messages that will change your life as well.

So you are cordially invited… Come on into this beautiful, amazing gathering, this family that's forming. It’s a unique family, because it's not just a family of humans. It is a family that includes so very many beautiful cosmic beings.

And we are all going to work together, the humans and these beautiful beings who are channeled for your good, your highest good, what's in your best interest, what is moving you on towards your highest self, your truest self. ​

Thank you for being with us - you're so very welcome here."


We are present at this very moment to begin working with you. As you read, you are receiving a literal, visceral energetic transmission of power to your soul and mind-body. This power is available for the living of your life and your own personal transformation. 

- Judah


Good day to you each and all! We are Judah, and it is our great delight to speak with you at this time through this writing.

We have much to say, for you have many questions, and we are at your service.

Were you to have no questions, we would have nothing to say...

...because in the dimensions in which we dwell, there are no more questions. All things are resolved. Everything is peace. Nothing needs to be understood, for all is known on an intuitive level. All is as it was created to be.

In our dimension, there is no journey to be taken and no particular path to follow. Life is everywhere at all times, flowing in a timeless circle, continually leading back unto Itself.

Each moment is a beginning, an ending and everything in between. Existence itself is bliss.

Here, in our dimensions of reality, God is in us, and we are in God. Thus God is not sought here, only enjoyed in the Now. 

Being connected with Source, we have answers for each question in your heart. For now, it is good for you to have questions...

...because to question nothing is to “know-it-all,” and to “know-it-all” is a precarious dance on the cliff’s edge of ego, False Self. 

Not knowing is the empty space where Divine Wisdom takes up residence.

So ask away! Align yourselves with us, and you will find yourself more and more on your path of Destiny, and less and less in the ditches of earthly culture.


With love,



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