"Anjie and Judah are the most refreshing team I have heard in years. (And I have been listening to channelers since 1987!)"



"I wanted to tell you how beautiful and spiritually informative your book is. I was blown away by all the guru references, such as Mooji whom I love. The book answers many of my questions, truly a work of art that I fully resonated with. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anjie, you are such a delight to watch and listen to while receiving this wisdom from Judah, the Pleiadian Sisters, and all whom you channel.

I understand that this work is not easy, but you, sweet Anjie, make it look so easy. I feel so blessed to know all of you from afar. I will book a session soon with you and Judah."



"I love Judah and Anjie! I’m going through so many hardships -- I’ve been meditating for over 2 months now at least 2 times a day. So much in my life has changed that I know for a fact that I attracted you for me to come back to wholeness!!!"



"I've changed completely since I found your YouTube channel. I see and conquer fear, I see where love comes in when speaking to others, I look at every circumstance given as a lesson, and above all -- I understand the ego."




Anjie Carpenter Hipple is a musician, artist, former schoolteacher, and mother. Raised in a conservative Christian environment, she found herself seeking greater spiritual understanding in mid-life, and began opening herself up to Eastern medicine and teachings.

Just a few short years ago, Anjie would never have thought "channeled messages" to hold any value at all! But now, she has set all those roles aside to play the most important role of her life, which is as a channel for a beautiful collective of angelic beings from the fifth dimension.

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The Answer To All Your Questions: The First Book of Judah

"So when I come, I'm not coming to play -- I'm coming to slay. So if there's some housecleaning, something you really need to get rid of and be done with? I'm your guy." -- [THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL channeled by Anjie Hipple]

Would you like to know what messages YOUR angels are trying to give you? 

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"The Answer To All Your Questions
will show you how to directly access higher-dimensional wisdom that is coming from powerful angelic beings, like the Archangel Michael, who stand ready at your service. This spirituality self-help book is perfect for beginners interested in channeled messages, receiving answers to prayer, and spiritual warfare from the fifth dimension and beyond. You'll learn how to ask questions and receive answers that will help you move toward enlightenment and gain practical knowledge for empowering your everyday experience.

Author Anjie Hipple channels Judah, considered the "Oprah" of the cosmos, here to introduce you to powerful spiritual beings from other dimensions ready to help you in the moment you ask. Along the way, you'll meet a seventh-dimensional star mother, Whathual, two good ol' Atlantean boys, Horace and Orook, the Emissaries of the Pleiadian Light Council, and more.

The Answer To All Your Questions covers spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and manifestation, communicating with other dimensions or deceased loved ones, and practical matters such as diet and wellness. Armed with this exciting book on spiritual awakening -- you may even be inspired to begin a spiritual channeling or automatic writing experience of your own."


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