Dr. David Hawkins' research found:

One person living and vibrating to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be nonjudgmental of others (310) will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000 people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

One person living and vibrating to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life (500) will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

One person living and vibrating to the energy of illumination, bliss, and infinite peace (600) will counterbalance the negativity of 10 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

One person living and vibrating to the energy of grace, pure spirit beyond body, in a world of nonduality or complete oneness (700-1,000) will counterbalance the negativity of 70 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

We are partnered with Focused Life-Force Energy to support your highest level of consciousness.

Find out why Judah often refers to founders Jeffrey and Clayten as the "Wright Brothers of high-consciousness fields!" FLFE subscribers typically gain 30 points on the scale of consciousness in the first 90 days.

We believe this technology is here to change the world. We are thrilled to share with you our favorite aspects of the FLFE story and their services on the page below.


Enjoy our conversation with founders Jeffrey Stegman & Clayten Stedmann



- What is Focused Life-Force Energy?

05:06 - The relationship between FLFE and Dr. David Hawkins' scale of consciousness

12:23 - How your personal level of consciousness scientifically impacts the world

13:57 - Willpower vs. environment

20:53 - Staying positive around negative influences

24:21 - Using high-consciousness fields for relationships at home and at work

32:09 - Success stories from the Judah family using FLFE

38:19 - Success stories from FLFE testimonials

40:38 - How does the FLFE "bubble" work with a mobile device?

42:51 - Judah challenges us to anticipate miracles

46:59 - How is FLFE technology similar to a prayer?

49:56 - The 3 most frequently reported benefits of FLFE

51:44 - Protection from negative spirits & entities

52:53 - What about people who are already really high-vibe?

56:49 - Anjie's story of FLFE's healing influence and the arrival of Judah

59:41 - EMF mitigation and research

01:02:31 - The first 30 seconds of your free trial opens a consciousness field

01:03:14 - Data collected on the benefits of a 15-day free trial (no credit card required)

01:08:13 - 💛 Intentions for the partnership between The Judah Channel & FLFE

01:15:20 - 90% of FLFE technology is given away for free to benefit the earth

01:17:19 - Customer support available from FLFE's team

"We tend to think about rising in consciousness as increasing freedom... you could look at the world that way and ourselves personally, that as we rise in consciousness (in the first 90 days in the FLFE service people rise on average 30 points, which is quite a large jump) that's freedom from patterns that don't serve us anymore, from unconscious beliefs, maybe from outside influences like EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies or other things that are restraining us in some way... But that freedom, it comes in peace -- and love comes with increased consciousness."

- Founder Jeffrey Stegman

"We can have a pretty high level of consciousness and still carry baggage and struggle. It doesn't mean you're going to be at peace all the time if you're over 500, just the way the averages work... if you're in a situation at home where somebody is playing the TV a lot, which is a pretty caustic influence, most of the time, most media is not positive -- and those thoughts go into the environment. Now, FLFE cleans them out a thousand million times a second, but they still have an effect. So you can do things like invite the person out to do something together, just go for a walk."

- Founder Clayten Stedmann

🔊 Audio Message From Judah
Judah Speaks In Support Of FLFE

Hear More From Anjie ⤵ 

"What is important for me and in my understanding for our audience is the evidence that the service raises the level of consciousness by thirty points within ninety days. This is remarkable, as Dr. Hawkins' findings were that the average person only gains five points in a lifetime. So this is something that I feel is an integrous claim of the service and absolutely invaluable for those doing work with Judah."
-- Anjie Hipple


Sustains High-Consciousness Fields At Home & On The Go

Being in a high-consciousness field 24/7 is something we rarely experience! FLFE creates just that, an energetically supportive environment to thrive in.

→ Find Out How This Works

Increased Support For Those Working In High-Consciousness  Fields

If you're a channeler or in another healing profession, FLFE provides invaluable recommendations to help you physically adapt to carrying more energy in your nervous system.

→ View Suggested Supplements

Provides An Optimal Environment For Evolution Of Consciousness

The FLFE Field is associated through quantum resonance with a unique location - or an object such as a cellular phone, watch, or jewelry. (Anjie's testing the water bottle service, which is coming soon!)

→ Choose Your Preferred Service

Featured in True You Accelerator

The FLFE founders have developed a special "Magnetizing Process" for manifestation in a high-consciousness field! 

The audio and PDF are free gifts for you inside Week 7 of the program, where you'll learn how to raise the frequency of your environment using FLFE and other powerful techniques. 

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"To be honest, when Anjie first introduced me to FLFE, getting the 'bubble' of positive energy assigned to my phone just sounded cool. But when I finally understood that every point gained on the scale of consciousness actually increases our power to create ten-fold, everything about how Judah's coursework fits with FLFE totally clicked. So I just signed up to add the service to both of my teenagers' phones, too!

Grateful for Anjie providing this exciting interview with Jeffrey & Clayten -- I feel so encouraged by the good they are doing in the world."


"Anjie, thank you so much for the session; I really enjoyed it!

I tried the quantum energy thing and within minutes my son made me a cup of coffee and offered to carry some laundry upstairs. These are unforgettable miracles even if nothing else ever changes!"


"I have been doing the FLFE trial for a week and a half now. I definitely feel lighter and my moods have been brighter since starting it. I have it on my phone and my son's phone. I mostly work from home, but I’m required to go into the office 1 week a month. It was cool thinking about how it was benefiting my coworkers around me while in the office this past week 😃 I will definitely continue the service when the trial is over. Thank you for introducing me to that!"


"I had quite a week! It's been filled with such positive changes and gives me hope that I may finally, at 66, be free of something that has held me down for years. I have a trial of the home FLFE program offered by your friends, and that has helped too. I know I am awakening because of certain symptoms I had about 20 years ago when I was attuned to the Reiki energy. But then my soul went back to sleep until about a month ago. I searched for someone who could help me if I need it, and I'm truly grateful to have found you all -- Anjie, Judah and Chuck. Thank you for helping me and all of us who need your expertise and kindness at this particular moment in time. "


"I signed up for FLFE for phone and loving it so far. Thank you for sharing this AMAZING service! Very grateful ❤"


"I decided to do the two-week phone and then two-week home free trial. I recently signed up as a permanent member. What a blessing! The people working at the company are just wonderful as well. The bottom line is, I feel these last couple of months have changed me in a fundamental way that I couldn't have foreseen, and I just can't explain it to anyone."

Liz B.

"I signed up for FLFE about 3 months ago and LOVE THE PEACE AND BALANCE I AM EXPERIENCING IN MY HOME... Even my 4 dogs are less barky and cooperative with the passersby. It's like we get it that the goal is more HARMONY ❤️"


"Week 7 of the True You Accelerator™ talked about raising the frequency of your physical space with FLFE, which I have been a member of since the beginning of October this year (after the free trial period). It has changed me in subtle ways. I feel much more peaceful and don't wake up in the morning with the feelings of dread I used to have. I muscle tested myself and found I was at 355, which is 30 points above my homemade yogurt :)"


The free trial is our gift to you and does not require any payment information.

The Judah Channel is a partner of Focused Life-Force Energy and will receive a small commission if you choose to subscribe to their services from our link. Thank you for your support!